VIVA 365 is part of the Platinum Corporation group of companies. The Platinum Corporation is the holding company of Platinum Credit Limited (PCL) which has been operating Kenya for the last 10 years. Platinum Credit has been offering "emergency loans" to Civil Servants, Ministries and Parastatals for the past 10 years. They employ in excess of 380 people and have over 40 branches in Kenya. They also operate in Tanzania and Uganda. Other sister companies include Premier Credit, Platinum Private Lending and Momentum Credit.

Platinum Corporation, in a bid to achieve its goals below:

• To become one of the most sought after employers in Eastern Africa among young talented professionals
• To reward our investors with above market returns on debt & equity; and
• To Educate, Empower and Enrich our employees in accordance with their abilities and performance

They looked at others areas to diversify into within the financial services sector and this lead to VIVA 365 (under its previous name Platinum Micro Insurance Brokers Limited) starting in November 2013.

VIVA 365 Ltd. was initially set up to service the needs of consumers at the bottom end of the pyramid who otherwise would not have access to insurance products. Hence the name included the words in its previous name “Micro Insurance Brokers”. Whilst projected to be a key revenue generator for the corporation it would also be an important vehicle for delivering on the group’s social position of helping individuals plan better for their own financial security.

In January 2014 a strategic decision was made to extend the business by opening a separate division which would deal with all types of insurance extending to all general short term insurance as well as life insurance and motor vehicle insurance to name a few, but the product range extends across the Insurance board.

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