Our Company’s Philosophy Is ‘Serve The Client’


Whether you are a small business, individual or a large organisation, at VIVA 365 we take our responsibilities to your insurance requirements very seriously. It is our mission to:

  • To bring an affordable range of Insurance Products to ALL Kenyans, not just to the wealthy.
  • Build successful long term relationships with our clients putting their needs first.
  • Ensure we deliver outstanding commercially relevant broking services that make a difference.
  • Integrate our knowledge of the insurance market to provide innovative, commercial and adaptable programs that capitalise on changes in the industry.
  • Remain driven by our client’s expectations in service, support and management of their insurance program.

VIVA 365 employs only staff who are experienced in their field and who share the philosophy that has become the cornerstone of our organisation “Serve the Client”. This philosophy underpins our relationships with both underwriters and Insurers.

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