In our day to day movements, no one plans to deliberately get an accident, but unfortunately with our busy roads it sometimes happens.

When the unfortunate occurs, it is not a matter of whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up. For an easier process in terms of insurance claims, here is what you should do:

  • Firstly, It might be hard but try not to panic, and stay alert.
  • Check if anyone is injured within your vehicle or 3rd parties.
  • If possible, call for police assistance or request someone to call.
  • Do not remove the vehicles unless absolutely necessary to rescue injured parties, or if instructed by police officers.
  • Try to take photographs of accident scene and damaged vehicles / properties.
  • You can afterwards, drive your vehicle to the side or to a safe area if no one is injured.
  • Exchange information and particulars with the other parties involved. Collect the following information:
    1. Vehicle registration number
    2. Make/model of vehicles
    3. Name/address of the other driver
    4. Contact number of the other driver
    5. Insurance company of the other driver
    6. Extent of damage to vehicles
  • Do not admit liability or argue over who is at fault.

You should also contact your broker or insurer if you need advice, towing service or any guidance. We recommend one to have an insurance broker, this is because a broker liaises on your behalf with the insurer to get the best outcome for you. We assist you in filing a claim and doing a follow up until the claim is sorted and your life resumes to normal. For more information email us on or call us on 0709159000.

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